Chekhub’s New Pricing Tier

Chekhub’s New Pricing Tier

Managing a remote workforce can seem overwhelming and disjointed. Chekhub brings clarity and accountability by managing all of your day-to-day operations in one easy-to-use app. The platform allows you to create comprehensive checklists, perform tasks confidently and complete projects with absolute accuracy and efficiency. Chekhub offers companies the ability to try out our platform for free, to make sure it is the right fit. The Basic tier allows 3 users to try out the platform at no costs. We also offer a Business and Premium tier with added features and unlimited users. Many of our customers have been asking about the possibility of a basic tier that allows unlimited users, because they love the platform, but do not need the added features. Therefore, we are happy to announce that we have added a Basic Plus tier!

Basic Plus Tier

The Basic Plus tier offers everything that is included in the Basic tier, but allows the opportunity to have unlimited users on the platform. Good news, the first 3 users are still free! The pricing for this plan is $9 per month when you pay annually or $15 per month when you pay monthly. It is cost friendly and allows companies to not have to jump to the price of the business tier, if the added features are not needed.

Basic Plus Pricing Features

  • Unlimited Users 
  • Mobile App
  • Dashboard, Map, and Calendar Views
  • Issue Creation and Management 
  • Create Checklists 
  • Multiple Step Confirmation Options 
  • Perform Checklist from Web and Mobile App
  • Asset and Location Management 
  • Assignment and Scheduling

Sign up today for a Basic Plus account today, so you can create comprehensive checklists, perform tasks confidently, and complete projects with absolute accuracy and efficiency. 

*** Is your company in the technical services industry? We have a webinar coming up on October 1st at 2pm (EST) for you! Sign up and attend to learn more about how Chekhub can help your company. ***

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