Managing a remote workforce can seem overwhelming and disjointed.

Chekhub brings clarity and accountability by managing all your day-to-day operations in one easy-to-use app. Create comprehensive checklists, perform tasks confidently and complete projects with absolute accuracy and efficiency.

With less inefficiencies, you’ll get more done with Chekhub.

Holistic App-Based Solution

Manage everything, from anywhere, with one easy-to-use application.


What is the work?

Create procedures that are repeatable and documented.

Create checklists with interactive videos and pictures at each step.

Gain feedback from users on each step with various options.


Where is the work?

Manage your campuses, sites, buildings and equipment.

Connect your people to your assets to create assignments and notifications of issues and tasks.


Who is doing the work?

Build your organizational chart, manage departments and teams.

Tackle issues and tasks with ease through assignments and watch the progress in real-time.

Enhanced reporting allows you to estimate effort levels and costs for your business.


When is the work?

Manage schedules and easily coordinate activities with your team.

Schedules can be used to assign preventative procedures and disaster recovery checklists during emergency visits.

Optimizing Workflow and Performance

Chekhub provides all the tools necessary to create, perform and complete tasks with absolute clarity and accuracy.


Create tasks through Chekhub’s platform that combines locations, assets, teams, schedules and checklists to simplify your operations.

Track issues and tasks in the dashboard and assign your processes to the right people at the right locations.


Perform processes easily with step-by-step instructions.

Easily schedule and coordinate tasks within your organization so they know exactly what they need to get the job done.


Complete tasks quickly and accurately.

Follow the task as it’s been assigned, watch as it’s in progress and see the final report once it’s complete.

Everything You Need to Get More Done

Solutions you need to perform projects confidently and complete tasks proficiently.

Asset Management

Our asset management solution provides a comprehensive overview of operations and assets at an unlimited number of properties, locations and sub-locations. Within one hub, you’ll be able to oversee and manage the big picture, as well as individual tasks, singular locations and essential equipment while gaining clarity, insights and critical metric reports.

  • Critical documents, locations and photos saved and archived within one app
  • Oversee all assets and activity no matter the size or scope of your operation
  • Customize data categories for each asset in order to run detailed reports with clear feedback

Digital Checklists

We’re making CMMS simple with step-by-step checklist instructions for any process or procedure. Checklists can be easily created in the app or on desktop with pictures, videos and text to ensure instructions are clear and to confirm completion.

  • Run reports and analytics to uncover inefficiencies
  • Engages and empowers team members at every level and to identify new solutions
  • Clearly and simply outlines expectations


Our advanced CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) enables customers to schedule maintenance, link activities to an asset and provide techs with step-by-step checklist instructions. With easier-to-read metrics and a streamlined task dashboard, the Chekhub interface makes reporting and completing maintenance activities clearer than ever.

  • Traditional CMMS meets intuitive Chekhub checklist functionality
  • Fully equipped with maps, calendars and ticket dashboard to stay on or ahead of schedule
  • Report metrics and trends to capture key insights from assets and employees


Our built-in ticketing system provides the ability to track issues, work requests and maintenance across teams, locations and assets. Take complete control from start to finish by tracking workflow in real-time to make sure everything gets done.

  • Every step in the process outlined in one place
  • Clearly track who created, performed and completed each task
  • Collect ticketed history of every completed task for searchable records

More Efficiency.
More Productivity.

Chekhub is the ultimate platform for task management and project clarity. Spend less time speculating if important assignments are getting done properly and on schedule.


Easy-to-use interface organizes timelines and breaks tasks down into step-by-step checklists.


Power to create clear instructions, perform tasks confidently, and oversee all activity from anywhere.


Comprehensive checklists ensure that tasks are assigned and performed properly.


Creates uniquely specified processes that engage and motivate each individual userbase.

Holistic Organization

Assets, procedures, tasks, schedules and timelines are all manageable in one easy-to-use app.

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