Chekhub Software Features

Chekhub operations management platform is chocked full of robust software features to optimize your workflow and empower your teams to deliver best-in-class customer service. Start your digital transformation with Chekhub. 

iphone showing chekhub software features

Digital Checklists

Set a definitive scope of work for your employees, vendors and customers alike. Define exactly what needs to be done for a job or project by creating a custom digital checklist with drag and drop steps. These step types include image, video, swipe, barcode scan, numeric entry, electronic signature, choices, decision points and more.


Chekhub’s robust ticketing system has built-in tracking and reporting to drive faster, more efficient ticket completion. Create and assign tickets to a team or person on an asset or location, set a due date, and attach a checklist of the process or procedure. Add approvers, tags, attachments and properties to tickets. We set predefined ticket types in the app, such as preventative maintenance, daily rounds or a service dispatch.

Preventative Maintenance

Schedule recurring maintenance work with ease. Our preventative maintenance feature allows you to create ticket templates for your PM process, schedule and monitor maintenance work in a calendar view, and minimize interruptions from breakdowns. Track data from maintenance tickets to lengthen asset lifespan, increase uptime and improve health safety conditions for everyone.


Chekhub puts project lifecycle management at your fingertips. Gain full visibility into the lifecycle of your projects, from initiation to planning, then execution and closure. Set phases for your internal and customer projects and provide status updates.

Charts & Reports

With all the capabilities in Chekhub to create, assign and complete work, we can now use the data to provide graphs and trend how much customers have been able to reduce rework. You can also pull reports to get an overview of billing, tickets activity, team performance and more. Chekhub shows you exactly where there may be gaps in your processes and how to improve them.

Dashboard, Calendar & Map

Know what work needs to be done, where it needs to be done, and when it needs to be done by viewing tickets on your dashboard, calendar or map view! With Chekhub, you'll have all the software features to get the job done right. 

Mobile App

Manage schedules, notifications, tickets, checklists and more right from your phone on the Chekhub mobile app. Get tasks done from the right place at the right time.

Locations & Assets

Manage your campuses, sites, buildings and equipment through the location and asset management module. Connect your people to your locations and assets to create assignments and notifications of issues and tasks.

Team & Members

Build your organizational chart to manage teams and individual members. Tackle issues and tasks with ease by assigning tickets to specific teams or members and watch the progress in real-time.

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Get Started For FREE Today!​