Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

For Oil and Gas Companies.

Chekhub is a complete operations management software for oil and gas facilities. The Chekhub solution gives your managers clarity around work and enables your teams and people to work with precision, leading to efficiency across the entire organization.

Eliminate Manual

Manage Trouble

Trend and Alert on Operator Rounds

Reducing Operating Expenses​

Preventative Maintenance

Exceed Customer Expectations​

Manage SLA Compliance​

Workforce Qualification Controls

Manage Trouble


Optimizing Workflow and Performance

Chekhub operations management software for oil and gas companies ensures you have the solutions and tools needed to provide clarity, ensure precision and increase efficiency in your operations.


Let us bring clarity to your organization. Set a definitive scope of work for your teams and people, by using a tool that defines the answers to these critical questions:

  • Who is doing the work?
  • What work is being done?
  • When does the work need to be completed
  • Where is the work being done?


The way we drive precision in your organization is with our digital checklist feature. What can having a digital checklist allow you to do? It allows management to set a definitive scope of work for field teams. Each item on the checklist can be tracked in real-time by those behind a desk, and those with boots on the ground. It also enables team members to perform documented, repeatable tasks quicker and with more organization.


Efficiency starts with being able to successfully measure, monitor, and track what’s happening within your critical assets, at which facility, and where the data is tied to within the facility. The ability to have real time visibility into this data (from anywhere in the world) is the catalyst for implementing better maintenance practices, better repairs, help predict and reduce downtown, and ultimately drive better operations decisions.

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