Workflow Management Solutions

Chekhub is a well-rounded operations management platform, delivering workflow management solutions for optimizing new deployments, service and maintenance, training, asset management and more. Request a demo or contact us to discover how our easy-to-use SaaS solution can drive efficiencies for your organization. 
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Create interactive training programs for your team. Assign training modules and review graded responses to issue qualifications to your team members. Qualifications can also be added to Checklists, Assets, and Locations to ensure the right person is assigned to a task. Optimize your workforce by identifying and leveraging employee strengths, and increase productivity and efficiency in your workflows.

Service Manager

Drive efficiency across your organization by giving technicians and managers clarity on location, time, and scope of work. Provide customers with a seamless experience from reporting, to the invoicing process. Leverage our workflow management solutions, including a service dispatch feature for on-demand access to a pool of technicians with a variety of skill levels and rate charges for jobs.

Operator Rounds

Streamline your daily rounds processes. Utilize digital checklists and asset information to ensure data is recorded with precision during walkthroughs. Pinpoint abnormalities and take corrective action within your critical facilities, plants, buildings, and job sites. Real-time alerting and trending of rounds data help ensure efficient operation of your facilities.

Preventative Maintenance

Be proactive with your maintenance quality and compliance standards. Chekhub's workflow management solutions allow you to create checklists, schedule recurring maintenance events, and manage alerts and event escalations with ease. Utilize our CMMS module to simplify your maintenance routines. Minimize downtime, unplanned interruptions from breakdowns, and maximize asset life spans.

New Deployments

Automate your deployment process. Schedule and track deployments from project creation to completion. Digital checklists ensure deployments are being completed with accuracy while giving visibility to your entire team and customers. Utilizing a platform that ensures accuracy and repeatability for deployments, can reduce risk and ensure deployments are ready even in early stages of the pipeline.

Asset Management

Manage the entire lifecycle of your locations and assets with our workflow management solutions. Capture critical information of each asset and provide your stakeholders with comprehensive reports of work history, issues, and maintenance on all assets and locations. Analyze total cost of ownership from this data, and use performance metrics to support continuous improvement of asset activities.

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